Bowler Registration

Welcome to Bowling Day in the USA! A special day for the IBC Youth Development team, in which a majority of bowling centers around the country will be hosting events to bring new families, and specifically kids, to come try out bowling. A typical event is like a huge party where bowling centers might offer a few discounted or maybe even free games of bowling. Families have a chance to come try things out and see what their local bowling family establishment has to offer. Typical centers today have great food and beverage options, arcade games for kids, they host birthday parties and run youth and adult leagues. Some even have additional activities like miniature golf, laser tag, batting cages, there are so many different types of options nowadays.

This is an optional event for each center and the IBC Youth Development team is actively contacting centers to register for the big event! While the idea is to host it on Saturday February 11, 2023, you may find some have scheduled them at different times. Please click below on the link that says REGISTER NOW and search for a bowling center near you.

If you searched our database of events and did not see your local bowling center listed by September 1, 2022, return here to fill out our Bowling Day in the USA Interest Form. We’ll notify your center that you want to register and that you hope they decide to participate in Bowling Day in the USA.

Click here to fill out the bowling day in the USA interest form, only if your nearest bowling center is not hosting an event.